short stories

I wrote a number of short stories during my wanderings away from comics in the 2000s. Doing so was never anything less than a full-on ballache. I spent far too many nights alone, shuffling along in the backwoods of dream. I must have torn through a hundred notebooks, drained a thousand pens. I wrote words for stories that did not exist, scenes and beats that went mad with isolation. Reams of lousy poetry. A gulag of prose. In the morning I’d check my pockets for bits of miracle fluff, but there was rarely anything but minging tissue. Now and then though something worthwhile would emerge, something with promise and life. On occasion, they would find a home outside of my gloomy flat (big up to Murky Depths and Geek Force 5) and that would give me faith enough to go on. I present the best of them to you here. Some of them are mildly spooky, all are fantastical in some way (you'll also have to forgive a lingering obsession with bands and musicians throughout). I still like them and I hope you do too.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
A Tall Tale
Pop Will Eat Itself
When You Hear This Sound